Happenings in the World of AWE-SAUCE

JAM. Foods & Services has teamed with Evanston Township High School’s Transitional Student department and the City of Evanston Mayor’s Summer Youth Work Program to provide a summer job for an ETHS student. We began work on July 20th in the kitchen at Family Focus Evanston. Our first employee, Grayson Deeney is catching on quickly. The goal of the program is to teach him every aspect of our AWE-SAUCE production process, with the hopes of hiring him full-time. Once Grayson is trained he’ll be able to train other students.

The Mayor’s Work Program ends on August 15, and Grayson’s Summer employment will end. We need an organization(s) willing to sponsor Grayson’s salary until our income stream increases to the point where JAM. Foods & Services can afford to pay him and others a regular salary. Our goal is to grow to the point of being able to offer benefits, such as health care and profit sharing for all employees. This is our vision. Now we need other organizations to make our goal part of this vision. Please contact us to let us know if you are interested in support our program.