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verzell James


I was born and raised in Harvey, Illinois attending McKinley Elementary, King Jr. H.S. and Thornton Township High School. I attended Central College in Pella Iowa as a Fine Art Major, with a Business Management Minor. I’ve always known I would own my own business. Afterwards I transferred to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. At SAIC I earned my BFA in Design Communication.  

By profession I’m a graphic artist, but I also write, publish, cartoon, and produce graphic design/production. My wife Bonnie and I own JAM. Graphics & Publishing. With JAM Graphics we have a variety of clients for whom we produce printed and digital graphics.

Outside of graphics, I’m a sports junkie. My favorite team sport is basketball, while my favorite individual sport is wrestling. I grew up among a family of wrestlers. Obviously, I love gardening. It’s therapeutic. There’s something spiritual with getting your hands dirty working with nature. It’s the whole creativity thing that starts with life springing from the dirt. Dirt is a blank canvas where anything can grow. This ties into being an artist and AWE-SAUCE creator. With AWE-SAUCE I’m creating on a culinary palette, with an array of herbs spices and peppers. 

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