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Updated: Oct 14, 2023

In January of 2019 I worked with the Mad Moxie catering group. Together we collaborated on several popups. During one of several conversations the head chef said to me, “You need to make a hot sauce that rivals Sriracha.” I said to him. “I already have eight hot sauces, I don’t think I need another.” He persisted telling me the main ingredients in Sriracha. I still didn’t give in to the idea. However, I kept turning the idea over in my head. By March I’d decided to do it.

Having analyzed my competitor, I knew that one of their main ingredients was fermented. So how could I not just duplicate this, but make it even better? I decided to design a hot sauce that was a different color and began researching off-color peppers. I settled on a group of exotic peppers that would yield a “White” sauce. To up the ante I chose to ferment two main ingredients. I then picked a spice set that added flavor but didn’t overpower the base ingredients. I named the sauce AWETRAGEOUS, as in outrageous.

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