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Finding your Level of Hot

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

We have a hot sauce for everyone! That’s one of our mottos. Over the years I’ve seen how people respond differently to the nine AWE-SAUCE Hot Sauces. Each hot sauce varies in levels of spiciness (hot) and seasoning mixes. We know there is at least one AWE-SAUCE someone will like. Everyone is different and respond to peppers and spices differently. When I do pop ups and tasting events I arrange the samples from least spicy to most spicy. I always ask people to sample in that order.

Once a lady coughed, choked and nearly cried upon sampling MEAN & GREEN, which in my opinion is the least spicy of all the AWE-SAUCEs. Another time a man demanded to sample our hottest AWE-SAUCE first, so I let him sample CARIBBEAN STING. He coughed then began hiccupping, turned, walked away from the table and never came back. I warned him, but he didn’t listen. He’s not the only one. You can tell a true “Hot Head” when a person samples one through nine and never breaks a sweat. Their only reaction to explain which sauce they liked best and why.

There are no set rules for handling the heat of AWE-SAUCE. “A little bit goes a long way.” When first trying AWE-SAUCE sample a little bit to determine your tolerance for the spiciness. You can always add more if you like, because you might ruin your meal if you don’t. Of course, there are those who value heat over flavor and can never get enough of it. We try to make sure our heat is balanced with flavor. We guarantee it.

AWE-SAUCES are versatile. You can put them directly on the meal you are eating. Or you can put them in a dish you are preparing. We pair the seasonings to enhance the culinary experience. Each hot sauce was created with specific ethnic cuisines in mind. Like the world there is cultural crossover. All we can say is find your level of heat and enjoy.

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